The roots of greed and corruption

greed and corruption
This is the impetus of the “Occupy Wall Street” movement going on currently across the United States.
And a recent discussion with a dear friend of mine quickly became heated as we discussed causes and solutions to our economic crisis.
I found myself arguing for peace and unity, yet was met with opposition even to this concept.
I realized from this conversation that our Country is all about the self. And that the greed and corruption come from within each of us.
We all want things our way, and wants things the way we think we will best. Our priorities are all different, and we take a stand to fight for what we think is most important and what should be done.
There seems to be no compromise from most of us.
Should homosexuals be allowed to legally marry?
Do you answer yes, no, or you don’t care? Are “you” the one that should decide?
How many millions if not billions of dollars have been spent in arguing this matter?
How many out-of-work, homeless or sick people in this Country could have been helped by those same dollars? How many lives could have been saved instead?
And this is only one small example of what is happening every day amongst the citizens and politicians of this nation.
Legalize marijuana, stop immigrants from entering the United States, kill a dictator (Muammar Gaddafi cost the U.S. well over $1 billion dollars). The U.S. Chamber, which represents businesses big and small, spent more than $32 million before the midterm elections just on advertising.
It all seems like so much insanity to me. I don’t see the compassion, peace, loving kindness or any signs of equanimity.
So what to do?

You cannot change anyone else or control them. I cannot change anyone else or control them. But we can work on ourselves. To work on transforming the Three Poisons of greed, hatred and delusion.
Quoting Bhante Sujatha once again, I say “Let it begin with me”.
Without expectation or desire, we each have a golden opportunity in this life to change the self. Letting go of “my way” thinking and selfishness. This World was not put here for me, I was put here to be of benefit to this World. I can take nothing with me when I die, but I can leave so much behind. Your neighbors, your friends, and especially your enemies, I say to kill them with kindness, compassion and acceptance.
Call me crazy, but this is the only way I see to actually make changes in our World. I need to work on me.
I need to do what “I” can to help others, to be loving and kind, accept and cultivate.
I promise you I will try my best.

May you be well, happy and peaceful.