Do I believe in God?

I was asked this question recently by a dear friend, and I quickly responded “No!”.
I have since greatly regretted my lack of mindfulness in responding this way. I know this is a huge question to many people, and I think I was unskillful and ignorant to answer in this way.
So I am taking this opportunity to have a “do-over”. And I present the question to myself here publicly for all to read.
Do I believe in God?

I answer this question by raising a few other questions.
Can I prove there is a God? No. Can I prove there is no God? No. And what difference will it make in my thoughts and actions when I choose to believe or disbelieve? None.
Now I know that some would say having belief in God makes all the difference. But just speaking for myself personally, my thinking and morals will not be changed by this. My intentions to be loving, kind, compassionate, accepting and equanimous are the focus of each and every breath.
Am I often unwise and lack skill in my thoughts and actions? Absolutely.

Bottom line is that I do not have all the answers in the Universe. I am not even attempting to do so. I am simply doing my best to be as fully present as possible right here and right now.
All of this makes me think of a previous post where I spoke about labels. And is it any different to think “this is me, this is you, this is God”? All of these are labels, and I think that all are highly delusional (moha), and only serve to create separation.

“This is not mine, I am not this; this is not my self.”

So what do you say, do I believe in God?

May you be well, happy and peaceful.