Greed kills

The Pali word for greed is Lobha, lust for satisfaction of the senses.
And today it occurred to me that this defilement, one of The Three Poisons in Buddha’s teachings, is truly one that destroys and kills.
Most of us would likely tell ourselves that we are not greedy at all. But this is simply another one of the three poisons, called Moha (delusion).
First of all, ask yourself if you want more of anything. Do you want more clothes, more shoes, a bigger house? Perhaps you want less. Less work, less responsibility, less heartache.
Really, any dissatisfaction you have with your life and your circumstances is greed that systemically infects and kills.
It kills the love and compassion in you, and attempts to destroy all those around you. Hence the reason that Buddha referred to it as a poison.
Now if you lived alone and did not interact with any other people, the you would not poison others also. But we do live with others. We have Family and friends that are all subject to our hatred (Dosa) that comes from our poisonous greed.
Perhaps if we were Orphans in Bangladesh, without the basic necessities of life, we would see how delusion, greed and hatred have infected us.
But we are so fortunate to blessed with this life, that we may sit here in comfort and view Blogs on our computers.
Wait, do you wish you had a nice newer computer? Perhaps a bigger screen would be nice? Or do you have anger and hatred that you have work to do and responsibilities, and you cannot just sit and play on the computer all day?
I want this, I want that, I’m not happy, somebody make me happy!

In seeing all this, I wonder how one applies compassion in the face of these poisons.
I think that I can love you and accept you, but I also have to have the wisdom to avoid being poisoned by you.
That means that I will release, or detach from you. I will still care and pray for you, but I will not be poisoned.
I believe this is the right way to cultivate wisdom and virtue.

There are many antidotes to this poison, one only needs the awareness of its existence to lift that veil of illusion.
Day by day, with gentleness and acceptance I practice mindfulness of the self and these poisons. Observing my thoughts, words and actions.
So tell me, are you poisoned? What will be your antidote?

Lk. 12:15 – “be on guard against every form of greed; life is not in possessions”

May you be well, happy and peaceful.