About me

My name is David Schmidt, and I was born and raised Roman Catholic, going to church everyday before School and of course every Sunday. I was even an altar boy. In my early Teens, I came up with an idea for my own religion which I called the “Free Belief” religion. The basis of it being a much less dogmatic religion that would open itself up to all people. I never gained any members of course, but I think it was a sign that I was already thinking outside the box. In my early Thirties, I actually became a Born Again Christian. I wrote Christian songs, studied the Nag Hammadi Scriptures and the Gnostic Gospels, and tried to convince everyone I met that they should believe what I believed. Then in my early Forties I befriended a woman who was very versed in several Eastern philosophies including Sufism, Taoism and Buddhism. I found that her wisdom about life was so logical and helpful to me, that I thirsted to learn more. Another good friend of mine suggested I pick up a book and study for myself, so I stopped at Borders one afternoon and landed on the book “Buddhism Plain and Simple” by Steve Hagen. As I read the book, light bulbs kept going on in my head. The culmination of all the things I had searched for and wondered about my whole life started to become amazingly clear. As a student of Buddha’s teachings, I then studied independently until Mid 2010. At that time I met a Monk who truly changed my life. A teacher, a friend, a Brother.

This Blog intended to share what I continue to learn as a student of the dhamma. I hope that it may in some small way be of benefit to you.
I encourage each of you to share your thoughts and comments with me.
And may you always be well, happy and peaceful.
~David “Nissarana”

Anicca, Dukkha and Anatta: This is not mine, I am not this; this is not my self.