Church of the poisoned mind

What goes on in our mind, and how much do we worship and praise the thoughts that arise?
Above all else, even God, we honor our own thoughts. Yes, even God. Without your mind, and the conclusions and beliefs that you cling to, there would be no existence of a God. Take your mind out of the equation, and one becomes an empty lifeless shell of bones and tissue.

So how does one determine which thoughts are personal and what is truth and reality? Is there a fine line between the two, or do we each hold our own truths as the ultimate reality?
If we in fact each have our own truths, then there is no connectedness. And I really do not see how anyone could not see the connectedness of all things.
This is not just some belief I have in my head, but an easily understandable fact. Just think of the air that we all breathe, or the Sun that enables life on this planet. What about joy and suffering, are any of us exempt from these?

But I see that we each have the immensely powerful ability to taint or poison our minds. Creating thoughts of isolation, exclusivity and even superiority.
The moment I look at you with prejudice, I create this very type of delusion in my mind.
Just think, if I were to cease to exist today, how real would my thoughts or judgements about you affect reality. Would you be a different person because my mind is no longer here to label and define you?
It’s simply ridiculous to think so, isn’t it.

Letting go of opinions, judgements and expectations is no easy task. And I am fully aware that I have spent fifty years building this temple in my mind. But my practice allows me to tear it down brick by brick.
With kindness and gentleness towards the self, I stay determined to be free of delusion (avijja).
And with the same loving kindness (metta), compassion (karuna) and equanimity (upekkha), this is my wish for you.

May you be well, happy and peaceful.