An ordinary mind

An ordinary mind can only know ordinary concepts and ideas.
Clinging to the self perpetuates desire, which only results in suffering.
Through meditation, I believe one learns to calm and train the mind. We are able to direct and remold our mind into something extraordinary.
The extraordinary mind no longer gets upset by normal daily events and struggles. The extraordinary mind sees the connectedness and impermanence of all things. The extraordinary mind cultivates compassion, equanimity and loving kindness.
Truly letting go of the self is a process that takes commitment and a skillful determination.

Everyday I see how myself and others cling to the idea of self. The idea of self importance is truly the seed of suffering. We view the World through this narrowly focused view that make all things seem to be about us. We think that these things are concrete and real, yet they are all impermanent and illusory. This is an ordinary mind. Clinging, attached, ignorant, and constantly suffering.

So how does one escape this ordinary mind and develop an extraordinary mind?
I believe it starts with strong determination and focused meditation. A lazy person and a lazy mind are never going to develop an extraordinary mind. You will simply struggle with your suffering, and only continue in Samsara.

I simply suggest, with loving kindness, that you allow yourself to break free of this cycle. Sit your butt down on that cushion every day, and develop your extraordinary mind. You’ll be glad you did.

Be well, happy and peaceful.