Are you out of your mind?

your mind

Where is your mind?

Do you believe in ghosts, fairies, werewolves, shape-shifters, angels or demons?
Do you look to the sky for answers, or read Tarot cards to predict the future?
Perhaps you burn incense or practice “smudging” grasses to create a positive spiritual environment. Maybe you even bury statues upside down in your yard to help sell your house.
Are these all ridiculous superstitions, and you are out of your mind? Or are the ones that you believe in, something that you cling to as reality?
If you look at all these beliefs, are there some that you do believe in, while you reject other ones as ridiculous and silly?

I can see that if I judge any of them, then I am the one who is out of their mind.
If I truly see how we are all connected, then I can be mindful and accepting of you regardless of these beliefs. And I can do so without judgement or criticism.
I am not the Master of the Universe, all-knowing and all-seeing.
But what I am, is a compassionate being.
And if your beliefs or practices serve you, then I accept that and wish you to be well, happy and peaceful. The same as any other sentient being.
And if your practice brings you suffering or causes harm to others, I can only offer you blessings of love and kindness.
This is your path, and we each must find our own way in our own time.

Examine your own mind, and your own practice. Is it one that continues to eliminate suffering in the self and all others?
If you can see this in all the people around you, then your practice is wholesome and Noble. But if you see that your mind is suffering, and you cause others to suffer, then you may want to investigate your choices.
As Dr. Phil says, “how’s it working for you”?

To me, being “out of your mind”, means to lack the inner quality of mindfulness and examination.
I am often out of my mind. But with practice, I strive to return to equanimity, compassion and loving kindness.
And this is also my greatest wish for you.

May you be well, happy and peaceful.