No more judgements

Aversions, perversions, notions, emotions. All of these contribute to judgements in our mind.
Is it possible to be free of all of these, and every other factor that contributes to judging?

I have been thinking about this a lot recently, and attempting to be mindful as judgements arise in my mind. Cautious too, not to judge the self in this process.
And so far, I am not sure that I can ever achieve a completely non-judgmental state in this lifetime.
But I do believe that I can eliminate a great deal of it with practice and mindfulness.
One such example might be when you see a very large person. Mindfully, I can see them and think the person has a very fat body. But this is only a physical observation, and I do not need to attach any judgement to that.
I know that a physical characteristic does not define a human being anymore than one action does.
Just as if someone lied to you, do not judge them as a liar. That lie was merely one action, and does not make the person a “liar”. Letting go of the desire to define people, is a good first step to eliminating judgement.
And I believe that acceptance and forgiveness are two necessary components to being free of this.
But we must be awake, mindful of this, so as to not create stories that pigeonhole people based on any one thing or even multiple things.

If any of us are to practice loving kindness, we must attempt to be free of judgement and criticism. Having acceptance and compassion towards all others, just as you would have them show towards you.
We are all human beings, and can all benefit from equanimity and love.

May you be well, happy and peaceful.