Living well


Live well, die well

I have come to the awakening that I will only have lived well if I am able to die well.
When I am healthy, with Family and possessions, that is no time to know that I am prepared to exit this plane of existence.
I suppose we all have the choice to be delusional (Avijja) and think things will always be as good as they are today. But I am fully aware of the nature of impermanence (Anicca), and today is merely a concept.

As I meditated this morning, I started having a sneezing jag. Four or five huge sneezes in a row totally distracted me from meditating. As I tried to return to the breath, I found I was having trouble breathing. My nose was plugged and runny from all the sneezing. Determined to continue, I breathed through my mouth and tried to let go of the physicality of this situation.
I can tell you, it was very difficult to ignore the body.
Then it came into my mind, if I were dying right now, how would I be mindful and meditate?
If I cannot overcome something this small, how would I handle the physical pain of approaching death?

As much as I do not know the answer right now, I think that letting go of the aversion (Dosa) is the key.
I often talk and think about letting go of the clinging (Upādāna) and desire, but I see clearly that the aversion is every bit as powerful a poison in the mind.

My focus will be shifting a bit now, to let go of aversion in my mind. No aversion to thoughts, people, or ideas. Accepting all of this simply as it is.
I believe that it is only in this way that I can be ready to accept death.
No aversion to death, means no aversion or clinging to life. It simply is.

May you be well, happy and peaceful.