Do you live in a Castle or a Prison?

We all have our protective walls that we hide behind. Our fears, confusion, anger, sorrows, rage and despair.
We know that society, our friends and Family could not handle all these emotions that stir within each of us.
But have you ever wondered if these walls and gates are your castle or simply a prison?
Perhaps this is the first time that you can see it this way. You cannot be at peace and truly happy so long as you are confined and trapped with these disturbing emotions.
So how do you break free?
I think the first step is becoming aware of your current state. And being completely honest with yourself about this ugliness you keep bottled up inside. It has never served you well, and only shackled you from growth.
See these emotions and accept them, then forgive yourself for these. This is the only way to open the doorway to your escape. So long as you bury these feelings, you stay locked in your self made prison. Thinking it is a Castle, is only deluding yourself into thinking it is a good and safe place to be.
So I ask you to consider this today, and give yourself the opportunity to move forward. To break free from the chains that have bound you for so long.
Forgiveness is the path to loving yourself truly and deeply.
Once you truly love yourself, your compassion will naturally flow towards others.
Your friends, Family and the whole World will benefit from your freedom.

I can tell you that I practice forgiveness and acceptance of myself every day. And each day I feel I have more love to give others. More acceptance of others. And more peace. I still have much more work to do, but I see the gates are open now and all I have to do is walk out.
I wish this freedom for each and every one of you.
May you be free of sickness and suffering, free from hunger and fear.

May you be well, happy and peaceful.

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