Alone in the World

We come into this World alone, and we leave alone. This is simply a fact.
Friendships come and go, Family members are born and die.
And as someone who is nearing his 56th Birthday, I can tell you that everything in between our birth and our death, happens in the blink of an eye. Now this is not to say that I may not live for another 56 years, but I clearly see that the last 55 have gone past more quickly than I can comprehend.

I am learning that as we cling to this life, the physical possessions, emotional connections, and even concepts of this existence, we each can only create increased suffering for ourselves. Dissatisfaction with our circumstances and our life. That life that we hold so precious, becomes the sole source of our unhappiness. Strange isn’t it?
So why aren’t we wiser and smarter about this fact, and more accepting and understanding of our own impermanence? I think it’s because it scares the crap out of us. What are we, if we are no more?

I think that the deeper understanding of being no more, is the key to freeing us from this suffering. Learning to see the people you love the most, and accept that they too are impermanent. Hold no attachment or expectation, simply unconditional love and compassion. Free yourself to be without them tomorrow. This is the reality. It is only delusion that causes us to think we have anyone or anything in our possession or control. But it is in fact wholesome and wise to love them and accept them just as they are this very moment. Present now, but gone the next. Can you accept that?
If you cannot, then be mindful of the cause of your suffering. The people you love did not create this, but you alone are the source of this discomfort and unhappiness. It is in your own mind that stories were created and disturbing emotions were developed.

I am fully aware that this thinking may cause many of you to be upset. But again, this is a good thing if you allow this to open your mind to the reality of impermanence. Impermanence is truly a gift of the moment. Your complete presence is achieved by accepting this teaching of the Buddha.
Think of yourself as being chained to a chair, or locked in a prison cell for many years. But today you can break those chains, escape the cell, be truly free and present.
Set yourself free today, and enjoy this moment. Love fully, freely, openly and compassionately. Do this with no expectation or attachment. And please begin by offering this to yourself.

May you be well, happy and peaceful.