The Mask

Do you wear one?
I think many of us do. We want the World to see us as good, kind people.
But what lurks below the surface of that mask?
Does sadness, anger or frustration brew inside you? But your smiling face can’t hide the truth, can it.
So what is the benefit of this mask you wear? Fooling others must give you a sense of greater value. To be quite blunt, you can put a dress on a pig but it’s still a pig. Perhaps a pretty pig, but still a pig. ;-)
Now I am not calling you a pig, so please don’t be offended. These words apply to me as much as anyone.
But the point is, you are what you are. If you are filled with ugly emotions, you may fool some of the people some of the time. But really, to what end? Are you truly a happier person because you fooled someone? Do you feel peace and love in your heart always? Or are these merely passing waves of impermanent joy, only returning you to your dark passenger? (Yes, I stole that expression from Dexter)
Yesterday I spoke about the prison we lock ourselves into. And a mask is simply a way to mingle in society while hiding your actual state of imprisonment.
You are still not free, my friends!
I truly believe that meditation is the path to your freedom. I know that it is the path to mine.
It is daily mental health and mindfulness. But there must be a great deal of self acceptance in this practice.
We all know that it’s easy to love someone who is kind to you. But it is much harder to love someone who is mean to you.
But the practice of loving those hurtful people has a far greater benefit to you and others around you.
The same principle applies to looking at yourself in meditation. Look at the worst in yourself, and accept it. Give those emotions comfort and acceptance. Don’t try to push them away, but be loving and kind to them.
Soon you will develop more and more love, kindness and compassion for yourself. This is like watering a flower and giving it the warmth of the Sun.
Love, acceptance and compassion are truly the way to put out the fires in your mind.

So I ask you to get rid of your mask, walk out of your prison, and let loving kindness flow with every breath.

Budu Saranai, and may you be well happy and peaceful.