Mental floss

Would you ever think about going a day without brushing your teeth? Probably not. And do you floss everyday?
I’m sure some of you do, and some of you don’t.
Well, think about all the junk that gets trapped down in between your teeth and how it decays and rots your gums and bone. The longer you let this go, the more difficult it is to reverse the damage.

These are the very same principles that apply to your mind in meditation.
I know that sometimes you are just too tired to do it, or perhaps just plain lazy. But you can see that the only way to have a healthy mind is to be disciplined, and floss every day.
If only for 15 minutes, I urge you to exercise good mental health every day. Do this, and you will begin to see your mind getting healthier and healthier.
What if you are having a bad day, and feeling tired or very upset? Do you think leaving this decay in your mind will benefit you in some way? Of course not! Those days, it is even more important to be mindful. Show yourself some love and compassion and take a few minutes to floss. Yes, I’m referring to your mind, but you can floss your teeth too if you like. :)
Once you start practicing good mental health, you may find this is a good practice to do once in the morning and once in the evening before bed. Start with a clear mind, and end with a clear mind. Doesn’t that sound great? I would bet that just thinking about this makes you feel better. See, you are being mindful right now!

So keep up the good work. Be mindful, compassionate, and love yourself.
Loving others always begins with loving yourself. And the best way to do that is to maintain good mental health. Meditate my friends!

May you be well, happy and peaceful.