The Dentist appointment

So yesterday morning I was reminded that I have an appointment at the Dentist.
I seem to have programmed myself to hate this experience.

DentistThe suffering begins in my mind as soon as I become aware that I have to go.
But this particular morning, after having said out-loud “Crap, I don’t want to go to the Dentist”, I decided to be mindful.
I decided to change my mind.
So I smiled to myself, and thought how happy I am to be going to the Dentist. I know that he will make my teeth healthier and cleaner. How wonderful!

I was instantly amazed at how quickly and easily I changed my mind about something that I have always dreaded.
If I can be mindful, and change my mind about this experience, I can probably change it about anything!
I think the key is to be mindful and present every moment. Just having an awareness that you are thinking or feeling something.
Perhaps my practice is beginning to pay dividends. Again, how wonderful!

So this would be my loving suggestion to each of you. Practice, be mindful and awake to the moment.
And I hope that the next time you have a Dentist appointment, you will be happy too!

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