Did you workout today?

Living in our health/body conscious society, most of you have a daily exercise routine. And if you don’t, you probably vow to start one in the new year.
But ask yourself, why am I so concerned with this physical decaying body and yet so unconcerned with developing my mind.
Regardless of how much effort you put into exercise, your body will decay and pass away. But developing your mind can lead to an end of Samsara and attainment of Nirvana.
Yet how much time do any of us devote to developing our mind? How much time to we set aside for meditation? How much time every day do we practice loving kindness?
If you are like me, it is not nearly enough.
Part of the reason I started writing this Blog was for this very reason. It is time that I spend almost every day thinking about the Dharma, and my path. But this too is not enough.
I meditate every night for 20-30 minutes, but this too is inadequate.
I practice loving kindness many times each day, but again I feel this is not sufficient.
I see that my practice must be every moment. I need to discipline my mind so that I am fully awake every minute.
I also need to be aware that enlightenment can come at any moment. It is only my mind, and perception of self, that hold me back. I need not cling to these practices, as they are simply a raft for me. And this raft too is impermanent.
You see I do not believe that Buddha taught us to be one certain way, or act like little soldiers. Quite the opposite.
Just talk to three different Buddhist Monks for a few minutes, and you will find three completely different people. Each of them loving, kind, mindful and compassionate. But each one so completely different.
They are not robots or soldiers. They are human beings just like you and me. But they are also living breathing examples of a higher level of awareness and existence. They practice what I only preach.

So all of this said, I am trying to be more aware today of this bag of bones that I carry around (my physical body). And at the same time, be more aware of it’s impermanence. Yes, I do need to be mindful of my body and stay connected to it.
But I feel that my effort in awakening the Buddha within, holds a far greater value.

Thank you for working out with me today. And please know that I am sending you my most loving blessings and gratitude.
May you be well, happy and peaceful.

Budu Saranai