Buddha was wrong!

He said there is a way from suffering, and that’s just not true. I have tried day after day, and I still suffer. In fact suffering is part of who I am. I have been wronged and hurt by others, and I deserve to have these feelings of anger and resentment.

BuddhaWhy should I let others get away with this. How are they going to learn their lesson if I don’t show them?
And when I have tried to let go of these feelings, I only get walked on again and again. And when I suppress these feelings, I just feel like I am going to explode sometimes if I don’t let them out.
So, the Buddha was wrong. Suffering defines me, it is who I am and who I will be in the future! These are my feelings, and my emotions, and I am entitled to them!

Wow, is that how you feel sometimes!?
Does your life feel out of control, and you are tired of being hurt?
Well you are not alone my dear friend. We all wrestle with these same types of disturbing emotions.
But the Buddha did not teach us to control those emotions, or bury them inside of us.
In fact he taught us to see those, accept them, be compassionate and loving to ourselves. And then forgive ourselves. It is only then, that we can begin to forgive and accept others.
I believe we all have a Buddha nature within us. We only need settle our mind so we can see this clearly.
This is the purpose of meditation, to quiet your mind and allow yourself to see more clearly and accept things as they really are. Letting go of judgment and expectation.
Once you truly begin this process of forgiveness and acceptance, your Buddha nature will begin to develop more and more.

So I ask you to consider these truths, and give yourself a little more love today. Be kinder and gentler with yourself. Be compassionate and have wisdom.
Take this love that you have, and share it with your friends and Family. Share it with the whole World.
Let your loving kindness radiate from within you.

So in closing, the Buddha was right.
He showed us a way to immeasurable love, kindness and peace. He laid out the path that ends our suffering.

Metta Bhavana (Practice Loving Kindness), which means Virtue, Meditation and Wisdom.

May Buddha’s Blessing be upon you (Budu Saranai), may the Blessing of the Triple Gem be upon you (Theruwan Saranai), and may you be well happy and peaceful.

Namo Buddhaya