Can’t see the light?

Why is it so dark in here?
What if seeing the truth was as easy as pulling your head out?
Well I think it is.
But it is so safe and comfortable in that place, many of us don’t want to pull our heads out.
But like a saying that I read this morning goes, “You can’t discover new oceans unless you have the courage to leave the shore”.
Most of us cling so desperately to what we already think we know and believe. This is our security blanket.
But ask yourself if this blanket has truly served you well. Are you free from suffering? Do you harbor no ill-will or animosity towards others? Are you always loving and kind to everyone?
Believe me, I cannot answer yes to all of these questions. Not yet anyway.
But old habits die hard, and I have spent many years burying my head so far up my butt that it’s not easy pulling it out. In fact, the first time I met Bhante Sujatha, he told me I was stuck. Now, I think I understand exactly what he meant.
Perhaps you and I can start by letting go of the thinking that things or people or emotions are ours.
I think that our concept of possession is what leads us into the dark. My Wife, my car, my house, my feelings.
Wow, could we possibly be more self-absorbed? Yet I would bet that most of us do not think of ourselves in this way.
So as I make my baby steps on my Buddhist path, I can see there is truth in the light. I am sometimes scared, and sometimes reluctant. But each day that I study the Dharma, and practice Bhavana, I become more and more at peace. The light becomes brighter and brighter.
I am on the right path, I know this, and I give homage to the Buddha for these teachings.
Also, please know that I send my loving kindness to each of you every night during meditation. I do this completely, genuinely and compassionately.
I wish you all to be well, happy and peaceful.