The purpose of my practice

My practice is to elevate myself as a kinder, more loving and compassionate being. Exposing the Buddha nature which I believe exists within each and every one of us.
I do this by loving and caring for the self, as I see this as the path to equanimity. With more love and acceptance of the self, I open my heart more and more to all beings both living and passed. Those born and yet to be born. All those which are seen and those that are unseen.
My purpose is to increase my awakening of our connectedness both in joy and in suffering. To see that each breath I take is comprised of the air, which is supplied by the trees, which is nourished by the Sun and fed by the rains.
To lift the veil of illusion and ignorance that feeds a sense of self and separateness. To see and accept the universal truth of loving kindness. To become more aware of the limitless space which we all share.

I begin this new year as I try to begin every day. Grateful for this life and this breath. Thankful for this day and another chance to practice the dhamma with each of you.
We are all truly Brothers and Sisters, and with unconditional love I offer my greatest blessings and wishes of peace and happiness.

May you each be well, happy and peaceful.