My heart hurts

What happens to you when your heart hurts? Are you quiet and sad? Do you withdraw and suffer in silence?
Perhaps you cry uncontrollably and sink into depression.
Maybe you go to the opposite extreme, and become angry and hostile. Bitter from the hurt that you have suffered.
heart hurtsBut do you ever really look at your pain honestly and objectively? Does that seem too painful for you to do?
Can you see that by not looking deep within, you only continue to feel this deep hurt in your heart.
Sure, sometimes it is hidden away from your conscious mind. But you know it is not gone at all. You have attached to this, claimed it as your own, and use it to define the self. You’ve made it personal and powerful.
It’s all about the “I”.
“I” feel this pain, and no one else can understand it or share it. It’s mine!
So first ask yourself if you truly would like to be rid of this pain and suffering. Perhaps you don’t. Perhaps this has become such a comfortable suit of armor for you, that you don’t want to drop it.
If that’s the case, then I cannot offer you any words. But you may want to think about other people that are affected greatly by this sadness of yours. Friends, Family, loved ones, children, Husbands and Wives.
Consciously or unconsciously, you are sharing this pain with them.
Ask yourself if this is truly how you wish to love them. Is this how you want to love yourself?

As much as we all have memories, both good and bad, the past is truly gone. And this pain in your heart, whether it is from yesterday or many years ago, is no longer reality. It serves only to cause you, and others around you, so much suffering.

Try to see this moment, this breath, this reality. In this moment, there is no suffering, only your breath.
Be grateful, joyous, and alive.
So many people see the love and goodness in you. They see the joy and happiness, your smile that touches them and brightens their day.
See this, and smile to yourself. Show yourself that same loving kindness and compassion. You deserve it.

May you be well, happy and peaceful.