The secret to supreme happiness

Yes, I think I have discovered it. And no, it’s not chocolate. But I will get to that later.
The answer to that question that all living beings seem to spend their entire lives searching for.
I hope you’re ready, because the answer is simpler than you would ever imagine.
In the words of Tony Soprano, “fuggetaboutit”!

happinessNo really, that’s the secret. Just forget about it. Whatever you are thinking about that disturbs or upsets you, simply forget about it.
In fact, forget about yourself.
If the focus of your attention is always on the happiness of others, you will forget yourself. Suffering is gone!
But you might ask, what if someone is mean or rude to you? Forget about it!
It is only by dwelling on this that you are caused to suffer.
Now let’s think about our desires. Lets say you love chocolate. This is simply our untrained mind. You don’t actually love chocolate, you love filling your desire for chocolate. The actual feeling of happiness is within you, not externally in the chocolate. All happiness comes from within, not from external objects.

You have the ability to control your mind if you choose to do so. This is a skillful and trained mind.

Living and acting with loving kindness for the benefit of all others, forgetting the self. That’s it.

I hope now that you know the secret, you will share it with others. Do this mindfully, by example and with humility and selflessness.

And may you always be well, happy and peaceful.