Being reborn as a cat



As I sat and observed one of our cats this morning, I told my Wife that I want to come back as this cat in my next life. And then I realized that it’s possible that this cat is a reborn human being. Heck, how would I actually know or not?

It’s not that I especially believe in rebirth, but looking at my cat it gave me a lot to think about. I realize that she has no financial responsibilities, no chores, no need for material possessions, no stress of any kind. No desire for more, or even a better life. She has a loving home, she is well fed, gets lots of treats, can sleep anywhere and anytime she likes, and always has a cozy blanket to lay herself down on whenever she’s ready. And if she decides that she wants some affection, she merely has to stick her butt in one of our faces and we will gladly oblige. And Lord knows, if we don’t pet and scratch her exactly the way she wants, she will just walk away. Reminding us always that she doesn’t really “need” us.

My sweet little pussy cat really reminds me of the simple joys, many of which I forget about on a daily basis. Things like safety, shelter, feeling loved, food, water, and a comfy place to lay my head at night. What an abundant life that I have, and how grateful I need to be for this life. And how fortunate to have this noble kitty to remind me of reality.

As I begin my day today, I have a new clarity about the difficulties that I face. A new perspective about what is truly important, and all the rest needs to be let go. The desires, attachments, and most importantly the delusions that I create in my own mind.

Thanks little pussy cat, enjoy your nap!