Thank you so much

Over the past five months since I began this Blog, I have had many people thank me for my Blog and my posts.
Thank youBut I want you to know that it is me who is thankful.
You are my friends, my Family, my loved ones. And yes, this applies to those of you who’s names I do not even know.
Each of you is my Teacher.
By allowing me a voice here, and giving me the opportunity to express my thoughts and struggles, you all teach me. You accept me unconditionally, without judgment or criticism. You show me loving kindness and the true meaning of community (Sangha).
Because of you, I see clearly that I am not alone on this path. We are each trying to gain wisdom, be free of suffering, show loving kindness, and achieve happiness.
I feel this spiritual connection with all of you, and I am conscious and thankful for this every time I write.

Bhante Sujatha recently said to me that he is merely a grain of sand.
I thought to myself… if he is a grain of sand, I must be a speck of dust!
Bhante is a man of such wisdom and virtue, filled with so much love for the World. A living example of what the Buddha taught. Of who the Buddha was.
So although I am merely a speck of dust, I learn from his example and share what I learn and experience.
I may get some of it right, and much may be very wrong. But I do my best.
And I know that each of you do your best as well.

So thank you so much for sharing this journey with me. Thank you for your love, compassion and support.
And please know that each of you are truly my Teachers.

Budu Saranai