My heart hurts again

I happened to look at Google Analytics today for this Blog, and found something very interesting.
The number one search term that brought people to this website is “my heart hurts”.
My original post that was titled “My heart hurts”, was posted on February 19th of this year. At that time, I had no idea that it would bring more people to the site than any other post.
In thinking about this new-found fact, I realized that the feeling of our heart hurting is one that every person on this planet can probably relate to. And more importantly, we all look for a path to eliminate this pain we feel. It is certainly a very powerful emotion, and I know from personal experience that it can feel as though your life is ending.
It can become hard to breathe, rationalize, and a feeling of falling into despair quickly becomes overwhelming.
If I were to quote the First Noble Truth, and simply tell you “There is suffering”, would your heart stop hurting? I highly doubt it. But please try to understand that the Buddha taught this as the First Truth for a very good reason.
Until we accept that there is suffering in this life, this existence, we will have no path to eliminating suffering. Denial is simply not the answer.
Acceptance on the other hand, opens the doorway to love and compassion. Starting with loving yourself, if you can accept suffering as simply a part of life, then you can be kind and compassionate to yourself. You are not alone, and suffering is not exclusive to you. There are so many others who feel these same pains and emotions as you do, just as I have so many times in my life.
But all things are impermanent. Even this seemingly unbearable pain you may feel at this moment.
This moment will pass, and your next moment can be filled with joy and laughter. Just be aware of this reality.
In fact, the instant you gain an awareness of this, you will likely begin to smile. Is it happening right now?
Allow it to happen, and enjoy this moment.
But please do not attach to this feeling any more than you should attach to that feeling of your heart in pain. Let each one come and each one go. Be at peace with yourself, and accept the gift that each moment offers us.

Please know that you are not alone. We are all so very connected, and I am so honored that you have shared your presence here with me. I feel how you are good, you have love in your heart, and you have great intention.
Be at peace.

May you be well, happy and peaceful.