The facts of life

Does all life have value? Is this a question that is open to debate? Do some of us feel there is evidence to support the contrary?

Throughout history, man seems to have made judgements on what lives have value. Just look at the history of blacks and native Americans. And while it may appear that we’ve made progress, I’m not so sure.
And I question whether or not racism may be considered a matter of personal opinion. Is sexism also a personal choice?

All these points are intended to pose the question of facts of life, and if there truly are any. Now those who believe in God would certainly say that God’s existence and influence is irrefutable. But those who do not have that belief would obviously disagree vehemently. So is one of us right and the other one wrong. Is one a pure unadulterated fact and the other merely opinion?

If we look at many things in our lives, it’s fairly easy to see that our own perception is what creates reality. Perception is nine-tenths of the law, right? A gray rainy day might be an awful day for you, while I see it as a beautiful day. My perception has no more validity to it than yours does. But the entire point of this, is whether or not anything in this World is clearly and undeniably fact.

Coming full circle here, I ask if all life has value. I certainly believe it does. I view this as a fact and not opinion or perception. And for me, it is with this unshakeable awareness that I live my life. Connected to all living things, grateful, and walking as gently as possible. Living in a way that will do as little harm as I am able. And while I cannot avoid hitting a bug while I drive to work, there are so many other ways that I can be conscious and awake. Not eating animals or using any product derived from animals. Recycling as much as possible in respect and gratitude of Mother Earth. Avoiding palm oil that destroys the habitat of the Orangutan and so many other creatures. Donating to charities that help people around the World who are suffering from thirst and starvation.

These examples are just a few of the ways that my practice guides to live as compassionately as possible. And please understand that I am far from perfect and in a constant state of awakening. Evolving as human beings is natural, normal and healthy. It is only when we cease to evolve that we are doing the most harm. And these are just simply the facts of life.