The meaning of life

meaning of life
Ah, the age-old question of “why are we here?”.
It would seem we are born, we live, then we die. So what’s it all about, what’s the purpose of our being here on this planet?

While I’m sure that so many have offered an answer to this over the past millennia, I am going to offer my own personal view on this today.

This life is not about what we get or obtain, this life is about what we let go of and give.
The house, the car, the clothes, none of these will go with us when we die. They are completely meaningless in terms of what life is all about.
But give your love to a child, and that love remains long after you’re gone. Donate to a charity that helps the poor and sick, and that lives on long after you’re gone.
Sit on a park bench and talk to a lonely person, and that lives on long after you’ve gone.
In so many ways, both large and small, we have opportunities each day to give meaning to this life.
And we have a choice each morning when we awake, to make this day about the “self” or about all other beings.
Which will give meaning to your life today, the money you make or the money you give? Is it about the love you take or the love you give?

For me, every loved one I have lost over the years has left so much behind for me. And none of it is material possessions that come to mind. I think of my Mom, who left me with her love, compassion, gentleness, wisdom, and acceptance. She gave these to my older Daughters as well, and they carry them within them every day. Even my youngest Daughter, who never got the chance to meet my Mom, has been the recipient of this love that she left for her Family. I know that she feels very strongly that she knows Grandma Lee, and loves her so much.
But how can this be if they never met, right?
Because my Mom’s life was never about what she got, but about what she gave. Loving and caring for her Family and friends was her entire purpose in life. She wanted nothing to take with her, only to leave so much behind.

Perhaps today you can pause and ask yourself what your life is about. Either by asking yourself what do you want, or by saying what can I give.
This is your life, you can choose whether or not is has meaning.

May you be well, happy and peaceful.