A new life

Two days ago I was blessed with the arrival of my third Grandchild. The absolutely beautiful little Briar Rose entered the World at around 8:00 in the morning.
It was a bit overwhelming to see the first pictures of her and her Momma, my oldest Daughter. The beauty, the love and bond between the two of them that formed almost instantly. The realization that my first-born child was now the Mother of three amazing children. All healthy, happy and so deeply loved by so many. And blessed with two amazing parents.
Thoughts of love and gratitude toward my wonderful Son-in-law, for without him, these lives would not be. And what a tremendous gift he has been in my life as well as my Daughter and grandchildren’s lives.
Blessed. I feel so very abundantly blessed.

I am increasingly aware of how things can change so greatly in an instant. And all of our thoughts and perceptions are only momentary concepts.
It seems like only yesterday that I held my baby Daughter and walked her to sleep every night. Singing “Put your head on my shoulder” to her, until she gently fell asleep in my arms. And now today, she holds her very own little cherub so tenderly in her arms.
Circle of life? Connectedness? Impermanence? Perhaps it’s all of these.

Have I gained any wisdom from this experience of my new Granddaughter? Perhaps.
But most certainly I have been abundantly blessed, and have tremendous gratitude. Even so far as finding more gratitude in my own aging and decay. For without this, I would not enjoy these blessings, these gifts.
I see that all of these aches and pains, financial difficulties, and other matters, all serve the greater good. Life will go on. I will go on. And a heart that is filled with gratitude has no room for suffering.

In so many ways, this day is just like any other. Yet clearly it is such a special day of blessings bestowed on me, my entire Family, and a blessing to the entire World, our precious little Briar Rose.

May you be well, happy and peaceful.