The simple life

simple life

“If you can’t explain it simply, then you don’t understand”

Ever since I first heard this saying, I had to question and investigate everything that I previously thought I knew. I quickly found out, that while I had a general understanding of many concepts, I could not explain a lot of it, in a simple manner, to anyone else. And by challenging myself in this way, I discovered that I did not know half as much as I thought I did.

Focusing on things that we do clearly understand, is a much kinder and simpler way to bring some peace into our lives. And each of us can start with basic realities such as the breath. We can all agree that there is no life without breath. And if we can observe this more often, taking it less for granted, we increase our mindfulness and gratitude. Realizing that without this very breath we do not exist. And isn’t that a great way to keep ourselves present!

And in this same breath and awareness of the present moment, we can see that this breath is impermanent. It is not possible to stay in this moment, and we cannot breathe the next breath or the last. And any attempt to do so can only result in frustration and unhappiness.

With an understanding of impermanence, we can observe how we may have desires for the past or future. Becoming more aware of our clinging, attachments, and aversions to so many things that are beyond our control. In fact, with clear awareness, we can see that we do not even control this body. We cannot be without this breath, we cannot stop our own decay, we cannot change the past nor create the future.

All of this brings each of us to a critical juncture. Deciding whether or not this is helpful in understanding, or one that depresses us by seeing the reality of it.
But if you can accept that this is the truth of this life, then you can also see this as your liberation. There is no usefulness in struggling with all the things that you cannot control, and you can begin to let go. Gaining the freedom of right now, this breath, this moment.

Open your eyes widely, breathe in this moment with complete awareness. Enjoy it, savor it, and gladly let it go. Feel the joy of letting go, and have no desire for what comes next.
This is living simply, with joy and gratitude. I hope you will enjoy the simple life today.

May you be well, happy and peaceful.