The walking dead

the walking deadThe greatest delusion that we all suffer with, is that we all believe that we have time. And while I know we all readily acknowledge that our time here is limited, the actually reality of it escapes most of us. And there is always a perception that, while life is short, there is always tomorrow. If you doubt this, just ask anyone who has lost someone suddenly or unexpectedly.

As grim as it may seem, we are all literally just the walking dead. Each moment, each day is a borrowed one. And openly discussing this, in my opinion, is the only way to even begin to address the reality of our own impermanence.

I thought to myself just the other day, what if I were to write a post telling all of you (including my family and friends), that I am dying and will be gone in a matter of days. Certainly my family and friends would reach out immediately. And can only imagine their shock, sadness, and feelings of despair. But in truth, I could be gone in a few days. Hell, I could be gone by the end of today!

So should you all rally around me because of this? No, we should actually rally around one other. It’s not just me you see, we are all dying.

Again, I know this may seem like a morbid topic, but I don’t see it that way. I see it as a very important topic and one that we should all become increasingly aware of and in touch with. The value of each moment and each day is so very precious my friends. So precious!

How many of us see the outpouring of grief for a famous person when they die. Friends of the celebrity say so many wonderful and kinds things about them. They talk about the persons great qualities, kindness, sense of humor, and how they personally impacted their lives. And each time I see this on TV, I wonder why so many waited for them to be gone before they expressed these thoughts and feelings. How sad is that!
Unfortunately, we who are not so famous fall prey to the same shortcomings. Why does it take a family member or friends death to make us aware of the tremendous love we have for them?
My answer is the point of this entire post. Accept that you are dying, and all those around you are dying. Treat one another as you would if it were the last day you would see them. How wonderful it can be to live so fully, mindfully, aware and alive!
Just keep reminding yourself that we are all merely the walking dead.