Dead, dying, death, gone.


All things are impermanent.

Why does the thought of dying or death disturb most of us so greatly? I know that most people would prefer never to bring this subject up.
And how many of us exercise like crazy, dye our hair, use skin creams, get face-lifts, liposuction etc, in a futile attempt to retain our youth?
Now I know that many of you will say it is just because you want to look good, and care about yourself.
And there’s nothing wrong with taking care of your body, in fact it’s a very good idea that you do.
But do you accept that regardless of what you do to take care of yourself, that your body is decaying and you are dying?
“How awful!”, you’re thinking to yourself. “Why would anyone want to be so negative and pessimistic?”
But think about it, how is this negative or pessimistic, when it is simply the reality of it?

What if, instead of avoiding the topic of death and dying, we were to embrace it and fully accept it?
What if we could speak of it without this powerful aversion that most of us feel? Speaking of death would hold no more emotional upheaval than discussing the weather. Can you see the benefit in this?

More and more in my meditation, I spend time observing this body’s impermanence. Becoming more and more aware that each moment I am dying. There is no possible way for me to guarantee you that I will be here tomorrow. I cannot even guarantee you I will be here tonight. That’s just reality.
I am not grasping for this, nor am I having any aversion to it. Simply observing this breath with full awareness. No coming or going, no this or that, no past no future, only this.
Even the feelings of joy, that arise in these moments, I simply observe without attachment.
I can no better control these feelings than I can control my impermanence. I can even see that controlling my mind is futile. I can however observe my mind with equanimity and compassion. Without expectation or judgement, I can observe the mind just as I learn to observe and accept others.

My path has helped me to become aware of so many things, not the least of which has been acceptance.
I cannot change or control you, nor can I control life or death. But I can accept. And to be truly accepting means to accept the nature of all things, of all beings.
This moment simply is.
Live mindfully and with compassion. Be filled with loving kindness and compassion towards the self and all others. Do not look forward or back, but be fully present right now.
Could this be the space that we call Nirvana?

May you be well, happy and peaceful.