Beyond the dharma

There is no doubt that the study and practice of Buddhism has had a profound impact on my life. The dharma (dhamma) which means cosmic law and order, is also applied to the teachings of the Buddha. And these teaching, I believe, were merely the best attempt at one man explaining much of which is beyond words. And I certainly think that the Buddha did a much better job than most anyone else in history. But with that said, I think that there is a great deal that can only be realized by our own direct experience. And this is what I refer to when I talk about going beyond the dharma.

A simple analogy would be like trying to tell someone what it is like to experience the loss of a child. Even Buddha or Jesus could not put into words what a parent feels. It is beyond teaching.
The same could be said about the birth of your child. Explaining this to anyone cannot compare to actual joy of experiencing the birth of your very own baby boy or girl.

These two examples are just a minute sample of the millions of ways that the dharma is limited in how far it can take us. We all awaken at a different pace, based on our own experiences and exposures. Not all of which especially enlighten or bring us wisdom. Often they can harden us and cause our hearts and minds to close or become stuck. But the good news is that we have always have a choice. Often times it may appear that we do not, that situations and difficulties are thrust upon us, and we are merely a byproduct of circumstance. And if you believe this, than you greatly underestimate yourself!

The power of the human heart and mind are far beyond anything that science has yet to be able to fully comprehend. The ability to love yourself and others is truly immeasurable. And this too is beyond the dharma. We actually have superhuman abilities in that we can turn anger or hatred into kindness and compassion in the blink of an eye. We can forgive those who have harmed us greatly, and embrace them with unconditional love. A healing power that is far great than anything modern medicine can dream of.

If we each just take the time to see how much love we have to give to one another, and then share it with willful abandon, the World actually changes. It transforms not only in the way we see or perceive it, but like a pebble in the ocean, we create waves that carry on forever.

I encourage you to begin to move beyond your normal practice, faith or religion, and experience life to the fullest. See the good in you, celebrate that, and share it with everyone you can.