Dharma, not Drama

Funny right?
But how many adults do you know that are actually like that? Are you like that? Do you feed on drama and creating drama in the lives of others? Do you ever wonder why you or anyone else would do that? I do.
Creating chaos and contempt around us is is a way to feel that we are not alone. We can be at home with our dukkha.
I think perhaps that by cultivating suffering in others that some people feel there is more order in their own lives.
One can then judge and criticize others for being a mess. Then you falsely believe that your life is not so bad. Can you see if you have ever done this yourself? Can you be honest with yourself?
This my friends is not the dharma. This is not the path of loving kindness or the cultivation of compassion and equanimity.
It really goes back to stories we create in our minds. Stories about our-self and stories about others. Judgements and criticisms that merely keep us in a state of delusion and ignorance.
And I no longer wish to be ignorant.
The Buddha taught us to be accepting of everything, that all living things are equal. Universal loving-kindness, together with a compassionate attitude, are the main ways that we should accept not only other people, but all other creatures. All living things, humans and animals alike, share the same world with us. If we want to live happily, Buddha teaches us that we must each have concern for the welfare of all other living things and beings that we share this existence with.
There is no drama in this, only the dharma- the teachings of Buddha.

Once again I remind myself to let go of the stories, opinions and judgements. These only create drama in our lives, and cause the self and others to suffer.
Like Bhante says, Accept, Be Mindful, and Cultivate.
Seems like a good way to go.

Be well, be happy, and be at peace.