Now I have all the wisdom


Wisdom, like water, cannot be contained by your fist

Today I became aware that I have now written over 600 Blog posts since I started doing this just over two years ago. I was astounded to realize that I had written so much in only a couple of years. And I had no idea that I knew so much, or had so much to say and share.
But then it quickly occurred to me that I have only retained perhaps ten percent of what I have learned and written about. Like water through my fingers, wisdom and understanding would seem to be fluid and beyond my ability to permanently grasp. So then, what is the purpose of gaining all of this knowledge and these lessons if they escape me so quickly?

I see that there is a cumulative factor that occurs with practice and confidence (saddha). And while I may not remember all the Pali words or be able to memorize sutta’s, there is a core teaching that permeates my nature. And this is truly the object of my practice every day; absorption which happens through daily practice, study and meditation. There is no need to become an expert or authority on the Buddha’s teachings, just simply to cultivate my mind so I may better understand and accept the reality of this life exactly as it is. And in the words of Doctor Phil, one might ask “so how’s that working for you?”.

I can tell each of you that beyond a shadow of a doubt this practice has been of immeasurable benefit to me, my health, my Family and so many others around the Globe. And I am so very grateful that each of you has joined me on this voyage. Whether you visited here once, or for every post, your spiritual friendship has encouraged and supported me. And I can only hope that in some small way I have offered you the same.
As unique as we all are, we are very much the same. Living breathing beings who feel love and pain, joy and sadness, birth and then death. And one day, through complete absorption, may we each experience the deathlessness that is available through our patient but determined and skillful practice.
Thank you for reading.