The teacher and the torch produce the teaching

torch The torch is a common emblem of both enlightenment and hope. But I also think it is a symbol of strong determination.
And when this is combined with a good teacher, we become teachers ourselves.
This is why I often talk about how each of you are my teachers.
And these are not just words, but each of you truly teach me everyday.
Your acts of kindness and thoughtfulness teach me about compassion. Your encouragement teaches me about humility. Your hurtful words teach me about acceptance and forgiveness.

I am constantly challenged by these teachings, and often find myself slipping back into old patterns. But the torch, my strong determination, brings me back to mindfulness.
And each time that this occurs, I feel that I gain more peace and understanding. I increase my understanding of causality.
When I walk the walk, so to speak, I become the teaching. I become a living breathing teaching of the Dhamma.
However, this puts me no higher than the person who was rude or mean to me. As they were my teacher, and I the student.
I remain grateful to my teachers, the lessons, the joy and the suffering.

We cannot hold a torch to light another’s path without brightening our own.

~Ben Sweetland

May you be well, happy and peaceful.