A blink of an eye

Observing my breath, I see that no two are exactly the same. I notice that with each blink of my eyes, everything has changed. My thoughts, feelings, sensations, my body, and everything that my eyes can see has changed.
And one way to discern this is with childlike wonder and amazement. The other is with clinging and disturbing emotions because nothing is the same as it was.
But as Bhante Sujatha often says, you cannot breathe the last breath and you cannot breathe the next one. But isn’t this what we constantly attempt to do?
And while you may say no to this question, just think about your mind. Our thoughts seem to constantly jump from what has already happened to what will happen next. What will we do, where will we go, how will we handle it? Ah, monkey-mind at its finest!

Now wouldn’t it be peaceful if we could only live in the present moment? No worries about the past, no concerns or anxiety about the future. Just this moment filled with awareness and gratitude. Grateful for this body, this mind, this breath, your friends and Family, your practice. And doesn’t that sound rich and complete? It should, because it is. And it is all that there is. The rest is simply your mind operating in an unskilful manner. One that is not conducive to peace, nor does it aid in the cessation of suffering. Yet we all seem to jump on this samsaric wheel, like mindless hamsters, day after day.

The extinguishing of this cycle can only be accomplished with a great deal of practice. For some this make take days while others may require lifetimes. But the opportunity for this freedom is present for each of us right now. We only need to see it and let go of the delusions. That “aha” moment can hit you in the face! Wondering why you have struggled for so long with so many things that required no struggle at all. You yourself were the only roadblock to your liberation, your luminous mind.
All that it takes is a blink of an eye!

May you be well, happy and peaceful.