Buddhism for idiots

Oh wait, is that too harsh a word for you? But just think, since I am writing this, then I must be the King of idiots right!
Well today I have thought a lot about labels and harsh words that we all use towards others. And while we may not do it to their faces, behind people’s backs I think most of us name call.
It may be in small ways, like being stuck behind a slow driver, and saying “I wish this goober would step on the gas!”. Or it may be just in judgements of others, like saying “he thinks he’s a real big shot!”.
And just to be clear and forthright, I am as guilty as anyone of these less-than-mindful behaviors.
But I question why I feel the need to judge or belittle others. What is to be gained by this thinking?
I can only draw one conclusion, and that is to feed the ego.
You see, if you are an idiot, and egomaniac, or a goober, then I must be wise, humble and cultured.
Sound ridiculous? Well it is! Yet, we all delude ourselves into thinking this is some sort of reality. I’m better than you!

I am not better than you my friends. I am often unwise, unskilled, and act unwholesomely. And while I practice to eliminate these poisons from my mind, I can see that much work still needs to be done. And it is far easier to talk the talk than it is to walk the walk.
Living with true equanimity is my determination. But I can see that this can only be accomplished through mindful observation moment-by-moment. We must be open and accepting of our own weaknesses, and work diligently to overcome these obstacles.
Patiently and lovingly, we can observe our unskillful thoughts and behaviors and become more mindful and aware of how they affect ourselves and others. With a clearer comprehension, I think we can each see the ripple effect of these negative thoughts and how they can continue to resonate in our lives like a virus in our body.

Practice, practice, practice. One day at a time, one breath, one lesson. We cannot live the last moment, nor can we live the next one. Fully present, we can develop our loving kindness and acceptance. One day perhaps we can each experience genuine equanimity.

May you be well, happy and peaceful.