Thank you

thank you
Today is so very precious. This moment so precious. Never are we guaranteed of having another. So today I am grateful.
Thank you for reading my Blog, for being my friend, my fellow traveler, my kalyana mitta. Thank you for your acceptance and compassion, not only to me but to others as well. Please know that each of you have been my teachers, even by your silence.
Thank you to my Family and friends for their unconditional love, compassion and caring that I am shown every day. To the sangha of the Blue Lotus Temple for their warmth and wholesome actions and intentions. Allowing me to be apart of so many good works that benefit so many others. Always demonstrating selflessness, compassion and loving kindness. Not only while at the Temple, but in their daily lives outside of meditation.
Thank you Mom and Dad, for giving me this life to experience and for all the positive kamma you generated for my benefit. For the sacrifices you made for me, for the Family, and for being the most loving teachers.
Thank you to my big Sister for guiding, supporting, protecting, nurturing and loving me so deeply.
Thank you to my children, each and every one of them. In all their uniqueness, each with special qualities of goodness and tenderness. How much each of you has taught me about love and forgiveness.
Thank you to my lovely Wife who gives so much of herself to others, and is a constant example of selflessness and unwavering love.
Thank you to my School teachers, who tolerated my youth with such gentle yet firm direction. I see today how much loving kindness and compassion you offered to each and every student.
Thank you to the farmers who toil tirelessly day after day to provide food and nutrition that I may live this life so richly.
Thank you to all the workers who pack and transport this food so I may receive it.
Thank you to the earth for growing these seeds, the rain for feeding them, the Sun for giving them life.
Thank you to the birds who sing so beautifully to me each morning.
Thank you to the mail lady, the garbage man, the police officer, the fireman, the utility workers, and all the other people who do so much for me and my Family. I appreciate each of you so very greatly.
Thank you to my monastic Family, the maha sangha, for being shining lights of dhamma that guide and encourage me every day.
And last, but certainly not least, I thank the Buddha. You were the awakened one who taught others, so that I too may follow this path of enlightenment. A path that I now see is highly founded in gratitude (Kataññuta).

May you each be well, happy and peaceful.