Starting my own Temple

So I came to the realization today that I have the opportunity to begin my own Temple, and become the Abbot.
I do not have to take hundreds of precepts, or wear special robes. I do not need to shave my head or take a vow of abstinence.
I can however become the leader, by example, in my own home.

I think that every one of us has the chance to become a monastic of sorts, by living a life driven by the dhamma.
Devoted to our practice, we can meditate and share loving kindness with our Families every moment.
I see this as such a wonderful path to follow in my life. And knowing full well that with determination and patience, my Sangha will continue to grow. Starting with the Family in my house, spreading out to Family members that are located in other cities, states and countries. I know this will blossom into spiritual friendships with neighbors, Temple members, Church members and so on.

I am fully aware that being the Abbot of this Temple involves a tremendous amount of responsibility. But this is a duty which is filled with love and compassion, and truly founded in equanimity.
I must be always mindful of my words and actions, and be a living example of loving kindness and gentle nature.
With skillful effort, loving determination, and humility, I know that this Sangha will continue to grow exponentially.

So today I assume this role, following the words of my beloved teacher Bhante Sujatha. “Let it begin with me”.

May you be well, happy and peaceful.