Born again

So I died last night, but here I am today, born again. Yes, a new day, a new life. Not one cell is the same, not one thought or feeling is the same. I am truly born again.

How wonderful that we each have this opportunity every day. Now just think if we could be so present and mindful to be aware of this happening every moment.
But when difficulties arise in our life, it is so easy to become attached and obsessed with these feelings. Conversely, we tend to become enraptured when these feelings are happy and joyful.
Neither of these are permanent of course, but we human beings sure do like to cling to them.

As I have studied and observed more about the roots of suffering and dissatisfaction, I have come to see that any mental formation about good or bad, happy or sad, only plants the seeds of suffering.
Even love falls under this category, but this often goes unrealized. We always think of love as a good and wholesome emotion. But are there any of us who have not suffered greatly because of the emotion we call love? I’m sure anyone over the age of about eighteen can relate to this.
So does this mean love is bad, or we should not feel love?
Well, I think we need to re-examine what love truly is. And if love has any attachment or expectation, that it is simply a vehicle to produce dukkha (suffering/dissatisfaction).
Whereas if we are able to cultivate Metta, which is loving-kindness, friendliness, benevolence, amity, friendship, good will, kindness, close mental union, and an active interest in others, there is no attachment or expectation and can only result in the production of equanimity and good kamma.

So I see this day as a great opportunity to love, live, breathe, and accept. I am born again to this body and the World around me. My Family and friends will see the new me today, and I will see them through fresh eyes. Not with any notions of what or who they were, what they said or what they did, but simply who they are today. Happily I can love them without expectation or stories.
Just take a breath. This is a new breath. Now breathe that out into the World.

May you be well, happy and peaceful.