No thyself

Anatta – No Self

I have had difficulty for a long time now trying to comprehend the meaning of no-self. I could talk about it, write about it, but still I have not really had any true understanding of this.
Today, I think I get it.
No-self does not mean that I do not exist. It simply means that this World and this life are not about me.
I see that suffering always arises because of my nature to make every situation about the self.
When any situation seems out of control, my first reaction is to control others. This is not because it is about others, it’s because “I” want things to be the way “I” want them.
Really, any situation that arises in our lives, creates suffering/dissatisfaction because of its effect on the self.
Even when it is about another person, the thought of what am “I” going to do, creates suffering.
Thinking “I have to do something”, is a personal attachment and choice to suffer.
As Bhante Sujatha often says “What to do? Nothing!”.
To me, those four words summarize the teaching of no-self.

So to understand what the Buddha meant by teaching Anatta, one only needs to destroy their own selfishness. It does not mean you do not exist or have a life. We each have a life, feelings, emotions, desires and disappointments. This is human nature.
But as I learn to eliminate the “I” in this life, I clearly see the peace that exists.
I say, give peace a chance. Breathe in lovingly, breathe out lovingly. Accept, be mindful, and cultivate loving kindness. With compassion and equanimity, and the absence of selfishness, an abundance of peace will reveal itself.

May you be well, happy and peaceful.