I died last night

A tornado struck my home, and destroyed my house, my car and killed me. There is nothing left.
Do you care? Are you sad about this? Are you suffering because I am gone?
I would ask you why?
I am not suffering, I am no longer here. I no longer suffer or worry about anything.
Maybe you should be smiling, knowing that I no longer have attachments, desires, clinging or delusions. Doesn’t that sound like happiness to you?
And if you are sad and suffering because of this, you must see that it is in your desires and attachments that these feelings arise.

So I write about this event because I have thought a lot about death recently, and it’s inevitability.
I quickly realize that if I am dead, then none of this would concern me at all. But if I survived, I looked at how Right View would be extremely important. And I see that Right View is extremely important right now. Life is so very fragile, and contains no guarantees.
I know that this may all sound a bit morbid and detached, but I assure you I do not mean it that way.
I am only trying to see the reality of this life, and the impermanence of it.
And once it is gone, what time and energy will I have wasted on nonsense and illusion. A lack of wisdom is the only thing that holds me back from fully enjoying every moment. And if I waste this day with anger or hatred, thinking about what I don’t have or wish I had, then how will I navigate this storm when it arrives at my house? Clinging to people or things that are impermanent, and aversion to situations that I cannot control, are a complete waste of our time.

I work now in preparation of that final day. To be alert and actively mindful of what I see, hear, think, do and say. To be accepting of each moment and circumstance exactly as it is, without any story.
If I am neglectful of this, I have only the self to blame for my suffering.
We come into this World alone, and we leave alone. In between is merely a blink of an eye.

May you be well, happy and peaceful.