No more suffering

Doesn’t that sound great? Wouldn’t you like to not suffer any longer in your life?
Well, I think I have found a way. And I want to share it with you.
Just let go!
Yes, let go of expectations. Let go of your desires. Let go of your attachments.
Now many of you may be thinking this is quite a lofty goal. But are you aware that this is all in your mind?
Think about it. We are what we think. If you think you are unhappy because you have no money, you are unhappy. Your mind is made up.
What if your husband/wife/friend/neighbor is being mean to you and saying hurtful things? Aren’t they the ones that are unhappy? You could see them with compassion and still be totally happy and without suffering!
What if you are terribly sick? Can you be aware that this is only your body suffering? Of course you can! Your mind can still be happy. Your mind makes the choice of how to view it.
If you think about what I am saying, it makes perfect logical sense. But I know many of you may be thinking it is easier said than done.
Guess what… This too is in your mind! It is our attachment to disturbing emotions. We have all operated the wrong way for all of our lives. But to be free of this, one must shatter these delusions. Let them go!
Just think about it for a moment. Have these attachments and expectations made you happy your whole life? Let’s be honest, we all know they have caused us a tremendous amount of suffering.
Remember that we always have a choice of how we view things. When we see them mindfully, we see them compassionately and genuinely. We can see them without attaching to them. And we can see them without suffering.

May I be always mindful, fully present, and may you all be well happy and peaceful.

PS I did not actually discover the way from suffering. The Buddha discovered and taught this over 2500 years ago. It just took me this long to start to understand. ;-)