Buddhist Banking

Have you made any deposits lately? Do you know how much is available for withdrawal? Are you earning interest on your deposits? Does your account pay dividends?
You might want to ask yourself these questions about your current account.

I like to think of this so-called bank account as our Karma (kamma) account. As we generate more positive thoughts and actions, out account builds in value. The greater the wealth of your love and compassion, the more you have available to offer others. This, in turn, actually pays additional dividends. Compassionate words and actions always tend to have a ripple effect, and years later many people can benefit from the karma you generate today.
But keep in mind that karma can also be the generation of negative or hurtful words and actions and these too can ripple for generations.
Quickly one can find that their account is empty and they face samsaric bankruptcy.
I see this life as an investment that is best enjoyed by sharing the abundance of love and compassion that we each possess.

Each day we all have an opportunity to be kind to ourselves, and treat others with respect and loving kindness. But how often does our own ego and selfishness get in the way and prevent us from being mindful and compassionate. And if today were our last day on this earth, would any of us wish to leave it with hurtful words or feelings? Or would we prefer to exit this life filled with abundant love?
Well today is that day, today is the last day for each of us. The you of today will not be the person in the mirror tomorrow.
I suggest we all see this reality and treat today as our last day. And make that investment that will pay dividends over and over again.
This to me is Buddhist banking.

May you be well, happy and peaceful.