Right View Meditation

Ok, so I do not think there is an actual practice called “Right View Meditation”. But this morning that is exactly what I found myself doing.
As I began my meditation, I had one dog standing in my face panting and waiting to be petted. The other dog, wanting attention also, laid at my feet and began licking my hand.
I accepted this, and began my loving kindness meditation.
Not but a few minutes later, my lovely Wife began doing things in the kitchen. I’m not sure what she was doing, perhaps slicing bread, but it sounded like a construction crew was building a new house. Sawing, chopping, banging, it just went on and on. Added to this was some beeping of the microwave oven. Perhaps the timer had gone off for some reason.
As I returned to my breath, I could hear beeps and chimes from the computer in my office.
This was turning out to be one very noisy meditation practice!

So how is this “Right View meditation”?
Well, because with each noise, I observed it not only without attachment or distraction but with acceptance and joy.
Thinking, how wonderful that my dogs love me. Thinking how wonderful my Wife is and how she does so much for the Family. How grateful I am to have computers and microwaves and so many other comforts that others do not have. What a wonderful life! What a wonderful meditation!

I know that many of you may not feel you have the perfect circumstances or environment to do meditation. But I can assure you that with Right View, you can have your meditation almost anytime you wish.
A dear friend of mine called me from Australia last night, and was sharing how she meditates during her tea. Yes, if no other time is available for meditation, she can at least be completely present and mindful during this time of tea. Nothing else to do, nowhere to go, no problems to solve, only drinking the tea. How wonderful is that!

I hope this will give you some food for thought, and perhaps inspiration to make time for meditation every day. Don’t let noises or distractions prevent you from doing this. With Right View, you can see how wonderful all of these things are and incorporate them into your loving kindness with great mindfulness, acceptance and compassion.

May you be well, happy and peaceful.