May you be well, happy and peaceful

Real compassion cannot be measured. It does not look to be rewarded or praised. It serves no purpose for your self if it is genuine compassion from the heart.
Love is very similar. To give love without expectation.
When we tell someone we love them, do we not expect them to tell us they love us back?
And if they do not, do we not feel our love has been diminished because it was not reciprocated?
Do we offer our love and compassion in the hopes of redemption for past regressions or suffering in our life?
Do we offer our words of love so that we can obtain feelings of being loved and valued?
If someone does not return our words of love, or thank us for our compassionate act, does it diminish the value?
I believe that the true heart of love, kindness and compassion look for no reward or validation.
This is an epiphany for me. And it is a blessing as well. No expectations, no attachments.
To me, I find this to be the true meaning of the Buddhist term “Metta”.

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