My special purpose

What is my special purpose?

Yesterdays extra early rising (approx. 5 a.m.), and full day of travel and Family celebration, left me without doing my daily meditation. So this morning I thought it would be nice to do my Thanksgiving meditation, with extra attention on all the gratitude I have for so much abundance in my life.
But I was not expecting the surprise epiphany that came over me as I began to practice. And this was an answer to a question that I have held for a very long time – “What is my special purpose in this life?”
We of course all know that we live and then we die, but to what end, what meaning? Did it really make any difference that we were here? Most of us not being famous movie stars, political leaders, or religious icons. Most of us are just regular people, living regular lives.

special purpose

But this morning I saw clearly that I do have a very special purpose. That my life in fact, does have a great meaning and impact; as a Father, a Grandpa, a Husband and Brother, a friend, a servant to the community and also to my Temple. Each of which is unique and special, and offers a tremendous fulfillment and joy. A sympathetic joy (mudita) that I see and feel every day of my life. And this is not about me, but about the many lives that I am blessed with touching in a loving way. Truly, a Thanksgiving that I can be grateful for every day so long as I am mindfully aware and fully present.

I think that perhaps the older we get, the more we each realize that so much of our life has already gone by. And of course none of us ever know how much more may be left. So it is only natural to wonder what purpose we serve or may have served in this life, what difference did we make. And now I see clearly there is nothing to question or wonder about. Once again, Bhante Sujatha‘s words come to mind… “live mindfully, die joyfully”. Because if we are mindful of these realities, each of us has no reason to question our special purpose any longer.
I hope you each had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day, and may today be another day that you give thanks.

May you be well, happy and peaceful.