Who are you?

Disingenuous: Not noble; unbecoming true honor or dignity; mean; unworthy; insincere; fake or deceptive.

Do you know anyone that you could apply this word towards themselves?
But if we do that, are we not judging? And I do not think that we should ever stand in judgement of others.
Conversely, I certainly do think that we are able to lovingly examine ourselves, our behavior, nature, words and actions.
So ask yourself, am I disingenuous? Can you ask that question and be completely honest with yourself?
I think if you can ask this and answer honestly, that you are at times or are often disingenuous, then you have already begun the first steps in a wonderful healing process.
Only when we can be honest with the self, do we have an opportunity to release suffering and self servitude.
Portraying falsehoods to others only hides the pain we may suffer from the inability to accept our perceived fears. I say perceived, because in reality none of us has control over the future or the past. You are either dragging the past behind you like an Ox cart, or flailing in futility to grasp hold of some dream or fantasy.
Dragging, reaching, pulling, craving, you find this constant struggle exhausting and unmanageable. You create a strong agitation within the self.
Creating some exterior illusion may serve to fool many people, but does nothing in reality to end the deep suffering and turmoil you feel within.

As I spoke once before about living genuinely, I think that addressing any part of ourselves that is disingenuous, is the way to become awakened to your true nature. One that is accepting, loving, non-judgmental, compassionate, kind and caring.

I wish to live genuinely, love genuinely, and be a blessing to others. As I am sure that you do as well.
And I believe this can only be accomplished by examining, forgiving and accepting the self. Seeing that there is only this moment, and that this moment is truly a new beginning. Right now we have the greatest opportunity that we have ever had in our lives.
May we each seize this moment, and become living Buddha’s.

May you be well, happy and peaceful.