You’re out of control!

Yes, you are out of control. Perhaps I am out of control too. Perhaps this whole World is out of control!
Wars are going on all over the World. Do you want them to stop fighting and killing? Can you control that?
There are children and families suffering poverty and starvation all around the globe. Can you stop this?
A terrible storm with tornadoes ripped through the Midwest recently, destroying so many lives and homes. Could you stop that or control it?
Now let’s bring this closer to home.
Your Husband or Wife left you, your Mother died, your child is terminally ill, you are losing your job or your home.
Can you control or stop any of these things? And are they any different than the other situations going on around the World?
Are they more important because they affect you personally? Is the starving child not so troubling because it is not your child?
You see, clearly there is suffering. And we are not able to control this or stop this. We can only be compassionate and accepting that this is the true nature of this life. The desire to control any of it is only the cause of further suffering.
Equanimity, loving kindness, and compassion are our paths towards freedom. Doing whatever we can do to ease the suffering of others, to help our Family, friends and others around the World; this is right view and right action.
But the desire to control any other person or situation is the complete opposite of this Noble intention.
Bhante Sujatha’s quote of “Let it begin with me”, always resonates with me. If the World is to be a better place, then love, kindness, acceptance, mindfulness, cultivation and wisdom, all need to begin with me. It is never by controlling another person that this can be achieved.

So yes, you are out of control. But I accept and embrace that. You have my unconditional love and compassion.
May you see that I am also out of control, and have no expectation of you to see or accept that.
And lastly, I see that the World is out of control. But I have so much love for this World, and wish to become a greater source of comfort for those in need. A shelter for those who are facing a storm. A hug for those in need of love.

May you all be well, happy and peaceful.