Closet Buddhism

Are you a closet Buddhist?
Do you study the dhamma, attend regular mediation services and workshops, understand the blessings of the Triple Gem, yet you never tell anyone you are a Buddhist?
Is there a fear of some wrath from “God” that inhibits you from this admission?
Perhaps you can ask yourself if some other teachings are helping you eliminate suffering and increase your loving kindness and compassion toward the World.
If those teachings helped you with that, would you not be attending those services?
So where is the inner conflict or misunderstanding? What are you clinging to that serves to eliminate suffering?
Perhaps you fear rejection and condemnation by others. Neighbors, Family and friends who may look at you as a terrible person because you have “lost” your faith. But what have you lost exactly? Nothing.
Fantasy, delusion and ignorance are simply melting away while you experience this moment and this reality. You are awakening to the precious moment of the present. You are loving and kind, and have started to learn how to love without attachment or expectation. Those around you now benefit from your benevolent and equanimous nature.
Loving kindness has not only become part of your regular vernacular, but you practice this daily with great mindfulness.
You have found a community of loving and caring beings who wish only happiness for you, and accept you as you are.
This has helped you to see how we are all connected, and truly a Family. Not just the people of your Sangha, but all living beings and all creatures.
Is this not a Noble path?
Tell me who or what would condemn or criticize this path.

So I say, come out of the closet. There is nothing to fear, and so much love you have to share. You can be an example to others of love and acceptance without delusion or attachment. This can be your next step towards awakening, enlightenment and the cessation of suffering.
Do this selflessly, with love and gentle kindness for all others. Come out, come out!
But please understand, if you feel you cannot do this at this time, I accept and love you just as you are. For you are like me, a simple human being. We both have thoughts, emotions, feelings, bodies, love and suffering.
May you be free of suffering, and may you be well happy and peaceful.