Got any “junk in the trunk”?

Do you like big buts? Notice I did not spell that with two t’s, only one.
But a dear fellow Sangha member got me thinking this morning about how “but’s” are the “junk” that we carry around with us every day.
Thinking without mindfulness, we easily stray with thoughts like “but you hurt my feelings”. Or perhaps you focus on what the “I” needs to be happy. Even better yet, how often do we each hold expectations of others in how they act or behave?
This is a lot of junk in our trunks. I think we all have very big “but’s!
Letting go of the self, the “I”, and having no expectations or attachments is a seemingly huge undertaking. But if you can sit back and think about this rationally, you will see that it is the “but” that holds us back from acceptance and understanding.
I now try to be mindful of this “but” word when it arises in my mind. I automatically have a red flag that goes up to remind me that I am lacking awareness and making the situation about the self.
And to justify this, I only have to think that I am activating my self-preservation nature. But I see there is no need for this. This again is more focus on the self, and the delusion that I need to protect myself from danger or harm. While this may be appropriate if someone is coming at me with a knife, it is not appropriate because someone is not acting or doing what I want.
It has been thousands of years since we had to operate in a manner of survival and self preservation. We have evolved so much, isn’t it time we awakened to these realities? I assure you there is no Sabre Tooth Tiger stalking you!

So please think about your “but” today, and try to let go of some of that “junk in your trunk”.
I can guarantee will will walk and breath more lightly, and your mind will smile and thank you.

May you be well, happy and peaceful.