Putting a face on depression

What does depression look like exactly?
Is it like those people we see on the drug commercials? And then they take the pill and instantly they are smiling and laughing.
Well not only do I not believe in drugs, but I don’t think those are true faces of depression. Those are actors, who are paid to look sad and hopeless.
I think the real face of depression may be on your next door neighbor, or a close friend. It may be on a child or Family member.
Better yet, it may be that person in the mirror that you wake up to every morning!

We have all learned how to blend in with society, and appear “normal” to others. But inside, we each harbor our own reality that we can either face or avoid.
Facing our own sadness can be a terrifying experience, so it’s logical that one would want to avoid honest investigation.
But if we do not examine this reality, it only festers and becomes like a cancer inside of us. It prevents us from being close and open to others, and prevents are own hearts from healing. Without this honesty, this truth (sacca), there can be no growth or richness in your life. You become stymied by your own fears, guilt and remorse.

This is where the practice of meditation allows us to be open, compassionate and accepting of ourselves. It’s not a time to analyze a situation or hope to find some answers or solutions in your life.
I think this is an easy trap for any of us to fall into, is to look for wisdom and direction inside our meditation.
But this is not meditation!
Meditation is simply observing the mind. Honestly, openly, with love, compassion, and gentle acceptance.
If you observe pain or anger, simply observe it. Do not try to explain or justify anything. Just observe.
If you feel sadness, restlessness or confusion, that’s OK. Simply be an observer.
This is your place that the only work to be done is no work. Just be, just breath, just observe. Acceptance without any judgement or conditions.
The wisdom comes later, perhaps long after your meditation. Do not expect to finish your meditation and suddenly have answers. Just be thankful for the time you had on the cushion.

With acceptance, mindfulness, compassion and meditation, come wisdom and virtue.
Be kind, gentle and loving towards your self.

Through this practice, we can eliminate our own suffering and depression. And with that love and acceptance we can share it unconditionally with the World.
Less medication, and more meditation. :)

May you be well, happy and peaceful.